Signed copies: Between the Trees

I know it has taken me a while to do this but signed copies of Between the Trees are now available on Etsy.

£12 with Free UK delivery

Or $15.99 plus $2.66 for International Shipping.

Praise for Between the Trees:

I have always been a huge fan of English poets and Kristiana’s work is very English. This is a compliment, she has the alacrity and clarity alongside the depth and passion we love of authors like Emily Bronte, Edna O Brian and Mary Webb. Her earthiness is her connection to the countryside and its beauty, she breathes her world into her redhead words and leaves us enraptured.

Candice Daquin, SMITTEN

Some of these lines have stuck with me and I’ve found myself referring back to them. Sad and gripping, yet comforting to connect with words on such a deep level

– Shay Siegel, Bleeding Flowers

Through her vivid imagery, we move through Reed’s ghosts, regrets, quiet optimism and tempered grace. There is no crescendo here; no grand revelation, because the only revelation occurring here is the voice within Between the Trees, spiriting us away on a journey of self-reflection and growth.

– Nicholas Gagnier, Olivia and Hale Series

Reed’s poetry is a revealing portrait of a young woman on her journey to find out who she is. The verse written in an easily accessible conversational style in which Reed readily establishes her voice as the reader feels they are eavesdropping on her melancholy thoughts and memories of the past few years. She is vulnerable, though never weak, as she opens her life up on the pages of this book.

– John W. Leys, The Darkness of His Dreams

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