Enough – Kristiana Reed

My recent poem on Free Verse Revolution; the poem is from my recent collection, Between the Trees.


I wished for a mountain

with a babbling brook

a rock to climb

and a moment of calm,

where love, cannot touch you

except the swelling of your heart

as sunlight breaks through cloud

into bird song melody.

I dreamt of a forest

vast and crowded

with buzzing, bees and everything

in between,

where love, cannot find you

running through leaves

deeper into the moss.

I woke in a house

with brick walls

and plastered ceilings

at dawn, rosy and golden

a home and sanctuary,

in which love, was free

to touch and find me;

the girl who didn’t realise,

she was enough.

Kristiana Reed is a writer and an English Teacher living in the UK. She is the creator of My Screaming Twenties on WordPress and she recently released her debut poetry collection, Between the Trees. Her work has been published in several poetry anthologies (Swear To Me…

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