Feather light chainmail

My skin fits like a glove:

worn thin by heartache and age.

The seams hold together just right;

just tight enough

to keep everything safe and within.

All my blood and organs –

my heart and the palpitations.

I feel unwanted and frightened

because I desire to feel normal;

to feel like a woman

not a body bag, not a sack of mishaps,

of everything will get better in time.

My skin fits and grips:

aching to become one

with the soul whispering

hidden in my body, desperate to begin.

One step and then two.

A whole new me and you

because my skin fits,

and I smile as it stretches taut

across each and every insecurity.

Feather light chainmail;

a breastplate hammered with wishes;

a hope this skin

will feel more comfortable,

the more I wear it in.

Photograph & poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019

Between the Trees UK

Between the Trees US

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