Issue No. 7: SEPT. 2019

My poem ‘Little Things’ appears in issue no. 7 from Turnpike Magazine ❤


We are happy to release Issue No. 7 of Turnpike Magazine.

We thank you for your continued support. We have found that our issues just keep building on top of one another – in theme, content, and quality. We have had the privilege of working with hundreds of contributors, and look forward for the hundreds more to follow. Keep supporting small literary and art magazines, as some of the best work lies within their pages.

Contributor Names + Bios:

  • Dipe Jola is a teen poet, lover of arts and its creativity. She has her works published on Africanwriter, Nantygreens, and many more. First runner-up EOPP 2018. Can be reached via IG: @dipe_jola and Twitter: @Jola_ng.
  • Justine Aubrie is a writer from upstate New York. In their spare time, they coach a poetry slam team.
  • Muthuvel Deivendran is a high school teacher helping…

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