Platforms & aisles (3)

Part 1 & Part 2

“Thank you, I’ll be okay.” She reassured the woman by her side. “This happens sometimes. I shouldn’t have been standing in the middle of the aisle like that. Honestly, it’s fine.”

The kind lady’s frown relaxed into a smile and she took the fallen woman’s hands to help her up from the ground.

The red lights disappeared and the alarm ceased. Even the delays vanished as several trains pulled in simultaneously to deliver a myriad of exhausted and excitable passengers. The attendant approached me with a warm smile; he took my hand and ticket and helped me through to platform six. I had decided where I was going.

She continued to browse as she steadily paced the aisles; picking up the bits and bobs she needed for the week ahead. In the tea and coffee aisle she bumped into an old friend, who asked her how she’d been.

“Oh, you know, up and down.” She replied, with a smile which belied the fragility and strength she kept hidden inside.



Prose: © Kristiana Reed 2019

Between the Trees UK

Between the Trees US

Available internationally

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