With those stars in your eyes

you see glamour in my dark heart,

you’re blinded by the glitter of night,

the purple circles –

sleepless nights and selfish battles.


You call me purgatory,

sin wearing labels, bearing crosses

from your past life.

I am an escape to you,

something at which to gawk

and stare at behind glass;

watching how I flit in darkness,

a captivating menace.

But all I am, monster

of cliff-edges, bridges,

train tracks, bathroom mirrors,

beds, forests and rivers,

is fear.

I am not a beautiful beast –

do not fall in love with me.


I am the sweat in your pores,

the lines around your eyes,

the creak on your stairs,

the damp in your walls,

the palpitations tingling

in every nerve ending.


I am blood.

I am skin.

I am a monster

because I am more human

than demon.



Poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019

Between the Trees UK

Between the Trees US

Available internationally

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