Honey, butter & sugar

Dusk descends

like honey on the back of a spoon,

onto my lips, into my mouth,

slipping down the length of my throat;

sunset upon the horizon,

melting butter & sugar

to stir in the honey

warm in the pit of my belly

which is no longer churning with fear

tonight, but with sweetness;

heavenly ambrosial sweetness

because you kissed me,

because I am wearing a nightgown,

a nightdress, cotton & silk,

because my hair smells of

nectar & milk, wet to the touch,

because my skin feels soft

and I haven’t bit my nails in a week,

because a bird just flew through the sky,

its feathered breast doused in the honey,

the butter & the sugar

coalescing in my body;

golden and wanting,

because I am the colour

of sunshine at night.



Poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019

Between the Trees UK

Between the Trees US

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