You’re the kind of girl

who would have

intimidated me at school;

still could,

if I wasn’t so sure

of the love

you hold in your hands,

the arms you’ve wrapped around me

during my darkest days.

We began in a car park;

eating fast food



like strangers at a bar

the unhappiness

we had borne in our stride

for too many years to count;

our eyes would sting

when we held our fingers up

to show we had suffered

as less for far too long.

I remember the emptiness

around us as we’d parked way off

from the entrance

so you could smoke

and I could watch the sun

filter in through the weeds

which overhung the concrete.

I remember

how friendship had curled

into your smile

and how things changed then.

Suddenly I wasn’t alone

and nor were you.

It was a conversation

we kept secret

but treasured all the same;

a beginning of something

I hope to have

until the very end.


Photograph & poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019

Between the Trees UK

Between the Trees US

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