Review of Canape Collection: Laita, Atreyu Mitra

Originally published on Reedsy Discovery

The Canape Collection: Laita is Atreyo Mitra’s debut collection of short stories and showcases Mitra’s penchant for eclectic storytelling. No two stories are the same; as ‘Sandal The Snowman’ compared with ‘When We Sleep Together’ demonstrates.

For me, this does mean the collection felt quite strange. It lacked cohesion at times and, if anything, I wanted more; more stories to strengthen the collection and build upon the narrative voice Mitra has begun to share.

My personal favourites were ‘The Morning After’ for its subtle and intelligent pondering of the human condition and our desires, ‘When We Sleep Together’ for the fantastical spin on age old relationship problems, and ‘Jarvi The Pianist: Hill of Lost Hope’ for its poetry.

Mitra has released a collection which suggests there is great promise in Mitra’s future endeavours and writing career. I hope another collection appears soon, especially as ‘A Fictional Introduction’ implies there are many more stories to be told.

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