Aeternum vale

Every weekday morning

I pass a lone pink house

on the corner. It stands solitary

against whatever colour

the sky chooses to wear;

I wonder who lives there.


The trees and the climbers

are too well-kept

for the love and attention

of Mother Nature. Yet,

I have never seen a living

soul go in or without.

It is just a lone pink house,

blushing at dawn,

midday and dusk,

seldom opening

its windows and doors

to the breeze coming

off of the fields.


It is a home

for silence and peace,

lacking milk bottles

on the step

and neighbours either side.

It is a house I fear,

where someone has gone

to die.


And I wonder if they care

a young woman

ponders this each morning,

or are they too

preoccupied with tasting

Heaven’s delicacy,

aeternum vale?



aeternum vale – farewell forever

Photograph & poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019

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Between the Trees US

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