Unfinished tunnels

I recognise the girl in the mirror. Her flaws, regrets and wishes. How negative thoughts precede and follow the good ones. She thinks and breathes in breezes, gales, thunderstorms and tsunamis. She blinks and echoes of sunlight fill her misty eyes – crystal spots of sight, the light at the end of every tunnel.

Every finished tunnel; because often hope for a better finish than your beginning is more than looking for the light. Sometimes you have to make the light appear. That’s why showers can be difficult to remember, as is brushing your teeth, remembering to eat/wanting to eat or speak, or even walk further than your bedroom door; because we’ve spent the whole night digging with bare hands and bloody nails.

The girl in the mirror often needs a shower because she’s been making her own light to heal her wounds in. The irony being that most of the wounds and all of the dirt comes from the healing; the digging.



Photograph & prose: © Kristiana Reed 2019

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