Boxed melodies

You imagine a box filled with the songs

you no longer listen to yet used to.

The songs you shared with loved ones

whose faces are now but obscured glass to you.

The songs you didn’t realise led up

to that one big decision you never thought you would make;

and although you’re proud of yourself,

there’s too much heartbreak to put them on repeat.

The songs which never fail to remind you

of that one person, whether it be innocent and sweet

there is no hope in reclaiming the melody as yours.

The songs you’d pegged as the soundtrack

to your first dance with an old love

you’ll probably never see again.

The songs you sent to somebody else

for them to turn their cheek and look the other way.

The songs which have pockets full of grief.

The songs you refuse to listen to

out of misplaced spite.

The songs you wish never existed;

with all their padlocked memories

and forgotten keys.

You imagine a box of songs with the lid shut.

Until you remember music travels like light

and try as you might, they may be out of sight

but never out of mind.

Photograph & poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019

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