Two turtle doves

It has been on my mind for days;

the idea of writing a love poem

with words no one has used before –

when even the line above has been said.


In preparation I stood in my garden;

watched two doves settle in the cherry blossom

and asked if this was love?

Was the habit of doves to mate for life

symbolic of when my own love

scours through recipe books

to find dishes I’ll eat without bloating?


Perhaps I could write about

how I hear ‘I love you’

in acts of service;

it is why I will always say thank you

when someone washes the dishes,

cooks for me or makes me a cup of tea

without declaring sombrely

they guess it is their turn to boil the kettle.


But doves coupled

with tummy troubles

and domestic life

just doesn’t sound romantic,

does it?



© Kristiana Reed 2019

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