Things which make me shiver

Baths, when it’s dark out.

The house at five am.

Sundays at eight am.

Waiting for the fireworks to start

in the park and I am wearing mittens.

The sound of the sea

accompanied by a bristling breeze.

Sherbet lemon drops and lollies.

Any flavour of ice cream.


The smell of the circus

and the impending fear of a clown

with a plastic plate asking you

to raise your index finger into the air.

Fingertips along my spine.

Whispers in my ear and audiobooks.

A fire crackling in Spring,

the sun almost setting,

giving way to a wintery moon rising.

Trick or treating.


My name when you say it out loud.

My name when I say it out loud.



Β© Kristiana Reed 2019

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