Inside out

You’re the one I neglect the most.

In a bad week, it could be daily.

That, or I never leave you;

I stay wrapped up in you

listening to my heart

in pillow echoes.


When I do decide to leave,

there isn’t a second

I don’t feel guilty;

ashamed I couldn’t

even find a pinch of hourglass

sand to dedicate to you.


I always make the empty

promise, ‘I will see you later’

as if that also means

‘I’m sure you’ll forgive me,

later’ because I will try

my best to smooth out

your edges, tuck in your worries

and snuggle into you again.


Yet it doesn’t mean a thing;

whether I love

or leave you,

because every secret

I hold is kept behind

your cotton lips.


You know me inside out;

as I know you.

Through and through.



© Kristiana Reed 2019

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