Review of Pantheon, Eric Syrdal

Syrdal’s Pantheon is a modern novel but of epic proportions; seeking to harness the same storytelling power of Homer’s Odyssey or Virgil’s Aeneid. I found the first two chapters/books a fascinating exploration of the human condition and the daily battles we face, framed in fantasy.

The novel as a cohesive whole was perhaps lost on me toward the end but each book has its own story and I thoroughly enjoyed each one. Especially Cindie’s story which broke my heart and has this modern epic take a sci-fi turn.

Ultimately, Syrdal has explored Love and our capacity to love in Pantheon. He explores our ability to love ourselves, others and our children; but he also explores the dual nature of love, how it is innately selfless and selfish all at once.

Despite drawing upon ancient oral tradition, Syrdal takes on the persona of a bard who is new and different.

To buy and view more of Syrdal’s work. 

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