Dandelion Season

It’s Spring,

dandelion season

so the fairies lift

and slip

through the air

carrying wishes

and sneezes

in their pockets.

A couple walk

palm distance apart

laughing into the breeze

and into each other’s hearts,

smiling young love

as the fairies flies past.


An old man,

all in black,

leans against a railing

in a supermarket car park,

he stares into the middle distance;

the feathered pollinated horizon

shining in shades

of a February midday.


Traffic and lights,

a blue car passing by

with a passenger who waves,

smiles and waves again

at the stranger on the street

who cannot help but blink,

smile and stare at her feet;

a fairy plaited

into her hair.


It’s Spring,

dandelion season

and the sun is out;

cloud light, feather light

colouring the fluffy edges

of the fairies in bright gold;

hope and the unknown

but without the bitter fear

of what’s next

and if there is a price

to taking chances,

letting go of the past

and its trappings,

and reaching out

to hold the hand

of someone new.


© Kristiana Reed 2019

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