Love Like Time

You curl into me

as clouds sleep at sunset;

soft, gentle, burning pink

melting into the blue.


I hold you

like Atlas does the world,

my shoulders do not

bend nor ache

beneath this weight

of forever and day.


I was born for you,

with love as deep

as undiscovered ocean coves.

I am a ribbon of life,

love and hope

to tie ’round your wrists

and waist.


I love you like time;

in gemstone seconds,

lullaby hours

and birdsong years.

I love you like you

were chosen for me

to cherish more than Sundays

and perfect-weather afternoons.


I love you like time

loves all things;

even after we are gone

it stands vigil

for what we were.

From this day and the next

I promise you this.

A sunset, ocean deep,

never-ending love.



© Kristiana Reed 2019

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