When You Go – RL & Kristiana Reed

I met you when you

were wiser in years,

and I was younger

and impressionable.

You carried regrets

and I soothed them away.

I knew I would outlive you,

it’s the risk I took

in loving you.

It doesn’t scare me when

I’m in your arms

and I’ll take every moment I can

until slow breaths take you away.

The wrinkles in your eyes

fascinate my soul

and you fill my heart

with love unlike no other.

Stay as long as you can,

love me like only you do,

because I will never

find home in another.


And I promise to take care

of all you leave behind;

me, our dreams

and the memories

which exist in places

we found together.

I would ask you

to wait for me

in purgatory

but truthfully,

I would like you to be free.

I want to see a bird

in the tree

at the bottom of our garden

and think of you;

remember the freedom

you gifted me

and never asked for anything

in return, but I will.

I give you all of me

and more and I ask again

please don’t wait for me;

taste the air of death

and breathe deeply,

in the knowledge

you are free

and forever

in my memory.


© Kristiana Reed 2019


Pencil to Paper Series


Instagram- @penciltopaperseries

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