I – The Night We Met

It was the tail end of summer

we were young and had no idea

what we were in for.

I saw you and tried to touch forever;

in hindsight

I should have bottled the August night sky

for us to keep and breathe

on the days the air between us grew stale.


II – The Day You Cried

It wasn’t because you had missed me,

it was because you were guilty;

caught in a web of deceit

on the web, in her inbox

where you thought you could hide from me,

successfully lie to me.

You cried because you were naïve, stupid, a boy

who didn’t know better;

all of these excuses when really the lesson

to be learned was you had begun to love me less

and I began to keep trust close to my chest.


III – Every Time We Went Away

We were always closest away from home.

Maybe because distance

meant we became each other’s home.

There was nothing to distract us;

only beautiful sights

to remind us how love and friendship

are supposed to feel.

My favourite memories of us exist outside

in the open air, free

from the confines of the four walls

we called yours and mine.


IV – Some Time In The Future

We see each other again –

sometimes it’s at a fairground.

We’re happy, in love with people

who aren’t you or me.

Sometimes we’re in a bar;

you’re bitter and I’m angry,

you belittle me and I find the voice

I never had.

Sometimes it’s in the street;

I do not see you but you see me

and I imagine you watch for a second

and wonder how it came to be

that you lost me.



© Kristiana Reed 2019

7 thoughts on “Quartet

  1. taurusingemini says:

    Sometimes, we look back, to a love we once had but didn’t take care of, and, we learn from that, and there’s, no way we’ll ever, have that lost love back again, it’s just a lesson of life, each person we bump into in this world has something to offer to us, some will hurt us while others won’t, that’s just how life is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Henna says:

    Oh my god… I just squealed in delight when I heard your voice. Felt like a caress on the cheek. Lovely work ❤ Maybe one of these days I'll muster the courage to do a recording myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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