Review of A Journal For Damned Lovers Vol 2 – S. K. Nicholas

Without a doubt, A Journal For Damned Lovers Volume 2 reveals S. K. Nicholas’ growth as an exceptional writer. He gives the reader even more of himself in this second volume and does not shy away from sharing the darkest thoughts, memories and dreams through this inner monologue.

Styled as journal entries this volume oscillates perfectly between the myriad of narratives one person experiences; our past, present and future, our dreams and our mistakes. Nicholas bares them all so eloquently and unashamedly.

Some pieces made me wince or smile. Nicholas’ writing is viscerally bittersweet. At other times I was utterly enthralled by the world he conjures. It looks just like mine but it’s more beautiful and cruel.

Despite the darkness within these pages, Volume 2 often filled me with hope. In the pages I read much of my own inner monologue, especially in regards to how I feel about my existence and the reasons I write. Time and time again, I underestimate the power of knowing you are not alone; Nicholas reminded me of this power, how comforting it is to know even shameful or sinister thoughts do not plague only you.

A Journal For Damned Lovers Volume 2 helped pull me out of a very bleak hole. For that, I will always be thankful. I encourage you to read it, at least once. Although, I have no doubt you will return to it; much like I will.

To buy: Volume 1, 2 and 3. 



2 thoughts on “Review of A Journal For Damned Lovers Vol 2 – S. K. Nicholas

  1. S.K.Nicholas says:

    The words you write in this review are so touching, and I genuinely hold them very close.

    To be an artist is to be different, and so often you find yourself on the outside looking in. It’s a lonely ride that both plagues and shapes- but to know you’re not alone in this is the one thing that can keep you from giving in when all else fails.

    That’s why your words mean so much to me, and it’s why I’m so happy my words in this book reached you in such a way. It is indeed a lonely ride, but it can also be a beautiful one.

    Thank you x


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