Ten Things

  1. Naming beach huts is an art form; forget the colour you want to paint it, name it with a legacy in mind.
  2. A morning walk isn’t a morning walk until at least five people walking their dogs say, Good morning.
  3. If the thought You should wear a hat crosses your mind before you leave the house, go and find your damn hat.
  4. Baths are best had at night. This is the only time goosebumps make you feel safe.
  5. Dinner time is not a set time. Even if it is past seven pm, it is not too late to show your body what it is worth.
  6. Yoga is good for you, no matter how much of a comedic punchline you think it is.
  7. Trust cannot be earned or learned. It is given and rescinded.
  8. Nobody can decide your worth for you. You decide and aim high, there is no limit; not even the sky.
  9. Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Suncreen’ should always be on your list of things to listen to.
  10. Always take lists with a pinch of salt. They are often written by people who never take their own advice.



© Kristiana Reed 2019


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