Review of Nocturne Variations, John Biscello

Biscello’s style is new, unique and refreshing. The switch in pace, perspectives and narrative person unravelled a story which has no beginning nor end. It is a snapshot of a moment.

The story centres around Pierangela – a troubled soul I could try and compare to characters like Holden Caulfield or Dorian Gray. I won’t, because Pierangela is not an imitation or boiled down version of what already exists, she is her own person; even if she too struggles with the human questions of ‘Who am I?’ And ‘Where am I going?’

Throughout, I felt a connection to all of Biscello’s characters, despite them leading very different lives to me. It wasn’t about what they did but how they did it. Biscello also invited me into Pierangela’s conscience, especially when she is out in the badlands. The setting is metaphorically superb and his ability to contain yet explore his protagonist’s inner thoughts and fears is inspiring.

This novel makes me want to be a better writer and far more adventurous as a reader. Nocturne Variations is special and an exceptional example of a writer who is one with his craft.

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