Jigsaw (from All The Lonely People)

They said the pieces would never fit.

My edges were too pointy,

too different.

I said I didn’t mind if it meant looking

for years,

in all sorts of places,

be it bars, parks,

forests or beaches,

to find all the parts of me.

I was desperate to learn

where I’d belong,

how much I’d lost

and what there was yet

for me to win.


They said it would be impossible to find,

every piece of my jigsaw body.

I was Geppetto’s masterpiece,

except in pieces, not whole at all.

And I wasn’t a puppet

but a pile of cardboard rubble

for loved ones and strangers to rummage in.

I said I would try to love my reflection,

full of joints, lines and holes.

As long as I kept my heart,

didn’t give it away,

I’d be okay.


They said my heart

was already broken.

A music box without melody

with the jagged edges

of a broken bottle.

I said I would mend

it, every time

forgiveness betrayed me,

every time silence sounded

like a car alarm,

every time I slipped

into bed alone.


I vowed to retrieve

all I had left

and piece together my puzzle,

with loving, magic hands.

I vowed to fill every hole

and lace every line

with glitter,

then look in the mirror

and remind myself

no matter what they say

or where I go,

I will always be whole.



© Kristiana Reed 2019

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