Review of Pinch The Lock, Candice Daquin

I have admired and been inspired by Candice Daquin’s writing since being introduced to her almost a year ago. So, when the bundle of books I bought for Christmas all arrived, I picked up Pinch The Lock right away and finished it the very same day it had landed on my doorstep.

Poem after poem took my breath away. Daquin is a talent like no other. In just thirty three pages she captured my heart and mind in ways the book I had read before it, The Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse, couldn’t. Despite it being populated by poets many consider ‘staples’ when it comes to poetry. Daquin, however, does not write for an audience or a magazine or to simply get noticed. She writes for herself and weaves stories which mean something.

Every word is heavy with meaning – not the dictionary definition, but the soul’s. ‘Woolen Masks’ made me smile as I read and re-read, imagining myself joining ‘sides with the trees’. ‘Whispers in the dust’ bursts, breaks and flows with ethnic heritage and experience. And from ‘Lighthouse’ I would like the following lines tattooed above my heart:

‘lighthouses are not just for sailors

blind to shore’

I could tell you why every piece deserves to be read, felt and read all over again. But, I want you to read this collection for yourself.

With Pinch The Lock, Daquin has given so much and still only teases what is yet to come. Her talent is rare and stunning in every light. She is the opal of the poetry world and I can only hope her work touches your life, in the way it touches mine.

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