A Recovery Letter [Top 5 of 2018]

The fourth most liked piece in 2018 on My Screaming Twenties


A Recovery Letter

Dear You,

I am writing this for the both of us. Not because I am not yet on the other side of the darkness but because there is no other side or quick fix. Your recovery is a journey. The light we look for; for clarity, purpose and lost motivation is not switch operated. Think of it more as a candle to maintain. Sometimes the wick is just smoking, burnt out. Sometimes it gutters in the wind and sometimes it burns full bodied and strong, for hours and days. In whatever state, the hard work does not end. Nor should it, we are worth it. It is the easiest and hardest choice to stay in bed all day or isolated in some way. It is just as easy and hard to say the words ‘I will be okay.’ Just as easy and hard as taking deep breaths or being honest. Please, be honest… with yourself and others. Find the people who will hold your candle on the days it is too heavy for you. They are your matches; your palms to guard the flame.

Recovery is as easy as it is hard; like maintaining a candle. Remember you want your candle to burn bright, casting dancing light on the walls. Remember not to burn your candle in one sitting; blow it out from time to time and let your body curl inward like a wisp of smoke. Remember a flame is never steady and that’s part of its beauty.

You will be okay. We will both be okay.



© Kristiana Reed 2018

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