Four Boxes: Love

I waited but a few hours before ‘Love’ overcame me; compelled me to gingerly remove the sprig of holly. The red berries burning brightly in the light. A leaf nicked my palm in my gentle haste and drew a pinpoint of blood, which my lips closed over and kissed away. The ribbon was tied tight, holding the box and contents close to the bow, the colour of my heart. I pulled and pulled until I conceded desire to patience. I took my time and eased the ribbon apart. It fell loose about my wrists, caressed my skin and bid me access to the paper beneath. I was careful not to unnecessarily tear it.

The box was split into six unequal compartments.

(the largest compartment) love letters; some folded; some balled up and some left unread.

a list of things i wished i did or could say

(the smallest compartment) a tiny dictaphone holding my first ‘i love you’.

a jar full of everything i wish for with a cut out paper star settled at the bottom.

a picture of you, signed with ‘always’.

a ball of clay – ready to shape, impression and bake.

I wondered if I should dismantle the sides; de-compartmentalise. I don’t know why but I decided against it. Instead, I removed the star from the jar and hung it in my window; because everyone needs something to wish on, now and then. I tucked the picture of you beneath my pillow. I read the unopened letters and vowed to remember them all – to not forget the people who had once made me whole.


The first box.

Part Three will be published tomorrow.

© Kristiana Reed 2018

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