A dream: heart & mind

I moved into a new house with everything on the ground floor. It had two fridges and it was full of soft drinks and beer. The carpet was old as was the wallpaper. I can remember beige and blue and four televisions. The garage was a haven but it was cold. It had a sofa and shelves stacked with books, dvds and games. I also bought two horses to keep in a barn in the field behind the house. However, they didn’t want to be kept shut up in the wooden gingerbread houses I had for them. Horses don’t care for soft furnishings. The black stallion wanted to roam the fields and each night would kick open the wooden door, snap the lock and gallop until morning. The white mare was more aggressive. She invaded my space instead whenever she was free. Trying to get into the house or kicking at the fence. The neighbours said they saw her foaming at the mouth and were adamant she was making them sick. Eventually, after nights of locking them away only for them to have escaped by the next day, I gave up. I watched from the garden as they cantered together in the field. It was lush green and the sun was still rising. They looked magical; dream-like. I realised they weren’t real and nor was the house with the inconvenient parking spot behind the shed.

I’m not sure what it means but if I was to name the horses, I would name the black stallion, Heart and the white mare, Mind.



© Kristiana Reed 2018

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