Midnight Ribbon

I tried to spend two nights away

from medicated sleep and vivid dreams;

fireballs and featureless faces.

I hoped in vain Nyx would visit me again,

tie me up in midnight ribbon

and suspend me gently

from her starry breast;

to listen to the wombing of her heart.


She came, cloaked in violet blue

and spoke with indigo lips.

Her words were harsh

like splinters when you’re little

or cracks in every mirror you own,

and as I tossed and turned,

muttered words like these

and reached for the medicine

she reminded me she is the Moon’s

mistress and the daughter of Chaos.


She came without ribbons

or arms to pull me to her;

she only brought darkness

and every thought it offers light

when there’s no sunlight

to proffer hope of tomorrow’s dawn.


© Kristiana Reed 2018

Painting: Edward Robert Hughes

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