Review of A Journal Damned Lovers Volume 1, S. K. Nicholas

Volume 1 is gorgeous and only has me beating myself up that I haven’t bought Volume 2 and 3 yet. The structure is an absolute feat. S. K. Nicholas has woven a masterpiece which has the reader journeying on unpredictable highs and lows. Many pieces resonated with me and some I just absorbed; I knew they touched me but I couldn’t verbalise how. His words move you and the little universe you exist in.

I have no doubt, Nicholas probably feels Volume 1 is the weakest of all three, it being the first. If that is to be true then I can assure you it is a damn good start. I’m excited to read the next two; to follow his journey as a writer and artist. And that’s what S. K. Nicholas is. A Journal for Damned Lovers isn’t a ‘Dear diary’, it isn’t a typical novel, it isn’t poetry and it isn’t isolated pieces of prose. It’s beyond genre constraints. It’s brave and fresh and yet shares fears, loves and wisdom our world has been living by for millennia.

And, if I ever get a tattoo it’ll be thanks to this book. It’ll be thanks to page 66:

‘Don’t look for a lighthouse in the storm; be one yourself.’


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