Alphabet of Scars

God damn. Georgia Park is phenomenal. ❤

What's the ugliest part of your body?

Acne, Abandonment issues, Alcoholism (cured/dormant), Avoidance symptoms, Anxiety, Agoraphobia (intermittent)

Bulimia (cured/dormant)

“Cunt,” Cigarette burns

“Dyke,” Delusions, the need to be prescribed Demerol for gynecological exams, Dysfunctional coping mechanisms, Depression

Eggs (all rotten…?)

Flight/Fight/Freeze response, Fetishism, “Fearfulness” (symptoms of)

Gynecologist (fear of)

Hindsight (not at all 20/20)

Infidelity, Infertility, Insecurity

J_ _ _ _  (a name)

Knees (completely scarred over)

Love (fear of)

Motor vehicle accident, Men (fear of)

Nausea (related to stress), Nightmares


Pregnancy (fear of), Panic attacks, Paranoia, Psoriasis (related to stress)

Qualms (frequent and unfounded)


Sexual dysfunction (cured/dormant), Sobriety (mandated), Shingles (related to stress), Stress (unfounded)

Trauma, Triggered (to a life limiting extent)

Uncontrollable fits of rage

Vacant expression

Wrist, “Whore”

Xerox machine (violence against)

Yellowed fingers, Years left unspoken about

Zealotry, Zoning out (as a coping mechanism)

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