Anthology Tuesday: An Excerpt from Volume 3 – S. K. Nicholas

Volume 3 is available to buy from Amazon now 💛


Vol 3 cover

In the back of a taxi, we’re organic vessels wrapped in madness and fear. When she leans her head back and laughs, I wrap my fingers around her throat, and as beads of rain slide down the windows, I stroke that chin of hers and call her mine. Flared nostrils and lust. Glowing eyes and the flesh of her thighs that shows more and more as that little black skirt of hers hitches up. Those legs. Her breasts. That wild heart that beats just inches from my own. If we were to crash right this instant, it wouldn’t matter. If the world were to blink itself out of existence, it wouldn’t mean a thing. When she rolls down the window and sticks her head out, she opens her mouth tasting the rain as if dying of thirst. All those lights that shine in the distance. All that darkness in between. It…

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