Ghost Boy

It has been years since we met,

decades since we last touched

each other’s lives with a smile.


Time has been cruel,

convincing me you were never

there at all.

A figment of a twelve

year old imagination;

lonely amongst the bookshelves

and films,

fixated on wheat fields

and sunsets.


You were beautiful

blonde and boisterous.

You made me smile

and laugh with ease.

You were the first;


to help me feel real

and worth more than

sitting on a brick wall

swinging my legs,

waiting for the one

who would never show.


Thinking about it now

you were so good for me.

My white flag

and life jacket.


You always had a zest

for life I envied.

You loved your body

and the music it played;

singing in the rain

tone deaf and innocent.

You were everything

I needed then,


and you’re the friend

I wish I knew the way to



Time is cruel and I wonder

if you feel this way too

or if you are half

to believing

this dream of me and you,

this feeling I miss

like the stars in the day,

was ever real at all.



© Kristiana Reed 2018

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