Kisses in Cages

He gave his kisses

and secrets to me in cages.

Small with black bars

no tool to force

or prise in sight

just my own unshielded heart.

And so our love was

made and unmade

by the challenge he set

in the locks

swinging from a caged

I love you.

I tried with kindness

and silence

and painstaking hours

to practice being more

than myself;

to practice perfect

pirouettes through the hoops

he spun

and the loops

which never existed.

For years

I kept his cages,

inspected them for ages

for clues and dints;

a weakness in his mettle

but with each touch,

they grew

into figurative beanstalks

of misplaced trust

and all I succeeded in

was letting him down.

I smashed the cages

with bleeding hands

and built one for myself.

I was caged by his love

and I’m only

just finding my way out.

© Kristiana Reed 2018

Written in response to Free Thought Thursday: Caged – Free Verse Revolution.

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