Infatuated would have

been an understatement.

I was punch drunk,

I wanna have your babies

and run away

into the sunset with you.


I was let’s elope in Vegas

and keep it a secret;

let me be the Tibetan monk

living in your heart

translating every sigh and whisper

into scripture.


I was let me wear blisters with pride,

the ones I earned

from walking this earth

telling people all about you.

About how you yawn

with your morning coffee

and about how you will pick a buttercup,

hold it beneath your own chin

and giggle.


I was Sandy from Grease

hopelessly devoted to you.

Your body was the drive in

and I was stranded

forgetting the road

I came in by.


I was I’ll never forget you,

never let go of you,

because we all

have to believe in something.

And you were my Heaven,

my Elysium,

my endless night

and every waking wish.


You were everything to me.

Even my I know this will never work

because our lives are too different,

my please don’t walk away,

I can’t cope with the distance,

my Dante’s Inferno

of missed calls and voicemails,

my smile on Sunday

and broken heart by Wednesday,

my forever which only lasted

the number of steps to the front door,

my this must be what goodbye feels like.


Infatuated, would have been

an understatement.


© Kristiana Reed 2018

17 thoughts on “Infatuated

      • TheFeatheredSleep says:

        Only because I’ve been on the planet longer I promise you! At your age I was still reading Asterix 😉 I think it’s more impressive when someone young can do so much straight away, and actually irrespective of whether you were 14 or 100 I think I’d just love how you write and think so age really doesn’t matter the soul of the writer does. You happen to have a particular talent that I think few possess and I’m just glad to watch you fly with it. Don’t forget to hit me up with any reviews you may need/want I’m always here to help and support our little clan. I’d like to review something of yours FO SUR

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kristiana says:

        On that’s incredibly kind 💛 thank you! Oh my, you are already on the list of four people I am giving my poetry book too to read/make edit suggestions/review before it releases next year 💛

        Liked by 1 person

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