Review of Anthology Volume 1, Sudden Denouement

The first volume from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective holds its own as an anthology in the poetry publishing world. It is not an imitation of one you would expect to find in traditional publishing, such as the annual Forward Book of Poetry or a collection of classics from Penguin. This volume stands firmly alongside these. In fact, the craft behind the voices and their cohesion overshadows what I always considered an anthology to be. This debut is better, it is different, it is divergent.

In many anthologies you hear many voices but only once. Volume 1 from Sudden Denouement blesses you with 29 voices from around the world, more than once and on a range of different themes. Despite all writing prose, I know S.K. Nicholas, from Jimmi Campkin, from Daffni Gingerich. Sometimes I would hear David Lohrey and Sarah Doughty more than once in quick succession, to, out of nowhere, be stunned by Georgia Park with ‘Weekly Meetings’. Or Jasper Kerkau and Kindra M. Austin would appear bathed in their beautifully raw honesty. Each piece and voice impressed me. The calibre from every writer is phenomenal; making this unique and varied ensemble unparalleled in talent and literary beauty.

This naturally brings me to the clever and thoughtful structure of this anthology, thanks to Kindra M. Austin, Richard Crandall, Dennis Earley, Jasper Kerkau, Nicole Lyons, Christine E. Ray and Marcia Weber. To begin, not a piece or voice is out of place. It is seamless to read. It is magic. It is also thematic but without the gratuitous title pages and explicit table of contents. This collective trusts the reader’s ability to make links and understand patterns for themselves; making it an exploration of these writers’ voices as well as a collection to always return to.

All I can say is, bravo. This anthology passes as a work of art too.

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My personal favourites:

Weekly Meetings – Georgia Park

Out of my Hands – Matthew D. Eayre

For Your Kiss – Max Meunier

Genesis – Erich James Michaels

these days when you have a daughter – Samantha Lucero

i checked myself – Lois E. Linkens

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