I knew my lesson-Megha Sood

Whisper and the Roar

max-jakob-beer-562013-unsplash (1)

I knew my lesson

when your touch left the scar

again and again on

my suppurating skin

and you remain unscathed

and free

I knew my lesson

when crying under the

covers and

keeping those lips pursed

made no difference to your

ignorant smirk and

your bouts of glee

I knew my lesson

when I tried to please you

and kept crushing my own


losing the tourniquet to

set myself-free

I knew my lesson

when I had to choose between

the dream

and the rancid choices

you gallantly offered me

I knew my lesson

when  in the relationship

I ended my self

trying to ignite the love in “we”

Inspired by Kindra M. Austin’s ‘I Knew My Worth‘, Aurora Phoenix’s ‘I Knew My Place’ and Kristiana Reed’s ‘I Knew My Mistakes.’ , Christine Ray’s ‘I Knew My Name’, and Eric Syrdal’s ‘I knew my heart’

Photo by Max-Jakob Beer

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