Me and I

My favourite place to write is in the bath. I have a cut of wood which rests on the sides, allowing me to scrawl like nobody’s business until the pages are damp. Damp pages remind me of how squishy my feelings are – squeezing my heart and soul for coherent thought, art – and how porous paper is. I always listen to piano music so I selfishly wallow in tepid water and breathe along to my own words and only my own. It is always between 8 and 10pm: it’s either midnight dark or sunset and during both, like a phantom, my mind soars to be with the birds in the trees. Birds, piano keys and bubble bath foam popping like candy are my favourite sounds. In between lines I like to scan my freckles for patterns, listen to the hum of traffic on the main road behind me and wiggle my toes at the surface. It’s peaceful, me and I, I and me. It’s the only time and place I remove the bandage over my third eye and try to see.

© Kristiana Reed 2018

10 thoughts on “Me and I

  1. legitimatelyunfunny says:

    I love the vivid image of damp pages while writing in the bath. The comfortable place but also the drive to write that you want to share that peaceful moment of relaxation writing on actual pieces of paper. The edges of the paper singed with water, the ink running just slightly. Like the mind of a writer with too many words in their head. =)

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