To gentlemen on dance floors everywhere – Kristiana Reed

Whisper and the Roar

To gentlemen on dance floors everywhere:

Fuck off.

No, seriously. Please keep

your bump and grind stare

to yourself.

Perhaps I’m not wearing

any underwear

but I didn’t come here to share.

I came here to dance and

drink until I’m silly,

not the ‘liability’ you’ll claim

as your lion’s share – and

try to take.

If you haven’t yet realised

I’m using the term ‘gentlemen’

loosely, because chivalry

is not dead,

you just haven’t learnt it yet;

and I don’t mean door holding

and jacket offering –

No, I mean personal space

for each of my hands,

my ribcage and raging breath.

I mean having conversations

which don’t have forks in the roads,

yet no matter what I choose

in your head, both lead to sex.

I mean dancing on my own

because I decided long ago

this body is good enough for me

and me only,

and even…

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15 thoughts on “To gentlemen on dance floors everywhere – Kristiana Reed

  1. Matt says:

    Wonderfully worded.
    Only reason I ever went to clubs at uni was because it helped keep female friends free from uninvited hands. What is it that makes so many guys think they can act like that? It isn’t prevalent in any T.V shows or films I have watched, nor was it a conditioned behaviour while I was growing up (that I was aware of, at least).

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  2. S_MW says:

    Amen. I’d have been shocked to see this STILL goes on had I not had a conversation about this very thing, with my 19 year old lately. I’ve been called frigid and a lesbian in my time, because I preferred to dance alone. One time a guy smacked me in the arm cos I told him to GTF…after he’d persistently gotten into my space on the dance floor.

    Loved this piece of writing, Kristiana. x

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    • Kristiana says:

      It makes me furious. This was inspired by a man in a pub trying to get me to dance with him, when I said ‘No’ he said ‘It wasn’t a fucking question.’ Needless to say my follow up ‘F off’ worked a treat.

      Thank you for your kindness!


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