Christine E Ray’s Composition of a Woman, out now!

Composition of a Woman is currently available on, (Canada) and Amazon Europe (,,,, and It should be available of Book Depository and Barnes & Noble soon. Signed copies of Composition of a Woman are also available on the Sudden Denouement Etsy site. Watch this incredible video by Dena Daigle for taste of Christine E Ray's gorgeous work and unmatched talent: … Continue reading Christine E Ray’s Composition of a Woman, out now!

tiny touch. Introducing Anthony Gorman

Whisper and the Roar

gorbrushed shy finger
with hers



tiny, wee

testing timid

trust, just

© Anthony Gorman 2018

gor2Anthony Gorman is a writer, visual artist, and human rights activist with extensive lived trauma.  He’s worked in the field of Mental Health and addictions in crisis management.  Much of his writing helps with processing the absorbed horrors and sorrows experienced vicariously through the recounts of resilient and amazing clients. Additionally, he lives with the daily splendors and burdens of his own bipolar disorder.  With a fervor for micropoetry, poetry his writing strives to back big emotions into small clusters of words. Grumpy is privileged to share with you. You can read more of his writing at Hands in the Garden

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Hands – Kristiana Reed

Blood Into Ink


I run my petal soft fingertips

along the contours of your hands;

counting each line, stroking each knuckle,

tracing the inside of your palm

and the indents around your nails.

This is the first time I’ve held hands

like yours – gentle like a stream,

hands which wash over my feet,

my hips, chest and face.

They do not threaten or intimidate.

They are not calloused with brick wall,

or the space behind my head.

They are not blistered by your use

of her flesh for pity, stripped

of her humility.

They are not clammy

with ‘love me or feel sorry’.

They are hands which call me

a queen and I feel it.

They are hands which refuse

to knock the wind from my chest.

They are hands which tend to

the soil below my waist,

allow my stem to flourish

instead of squeeze.

They are hands which pull


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And I Loved

Henna 💛

Murder Tramp Birthday


Have you thought of how many dead you’s exist in the minds of other people? How many wounded, bruised, beaten, raped, left-to-die replicas of you walk around the streets? I collect them all as they pass by and keep them pressed between the pages of the Holy Bible, a collection of possible truths, of futures to come.

My therapist says my suspicion towards other people is abnormal. I want to tell her all the reasons why I keep the word misanthropist tucked in safely underneath Adam’s rib. Instead I tell her about the obese, shaven man on the train station, his belly so large the face of Hitler on his t-shirt much resembled a balloon.

I want to tell her the reason I became this thing. It is quite simple, actually. I loved. The amorous terrorism, the poaching of hearts, all of that crap. And I still do, although I…

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Review of Magpie in August, Kindra M. Austin

Originally posted on Indie Blu(e). Austin stuns with her debut novel, Magpie in August. A lovingly written narrative about living, dying and the purgatory in between. I’ve been an admirer and reader of Austin’s poetry since late 2016, a little while after she started poemsandparagraphs. Austin always writes honestly with the razor-sharp ability to steal … Continue reading Review of Magpie in August, Kindra M. Austin