Like Superman

S.K’s writing is stunning 💛

S. K. Nicholas


I wanna run into the sun. Just strip myself of skin and become one with all things. So I run. Dropping my groceries to the ground, I launch through the streets into the woods and then the nearby fields, moving as fast as my aching legs allow. It’s not pretty nor is it graceful, and soon enough I’m gasping for air regretting each and every cigarette, and yet I don’t stop, and as the trees and flowers reach out to touch me, the music of the moment spurs me on. At one point I lose a shoe, but it’s of no consequence, so I kick off the other and keep going. The tears come next. Turning to steam as they roll down my cheeks, laughter rattles from my chest as blood soaks my socks from where I trip and kick the stones that stick out beneath my feet, and although…

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