I Remember – feat. Nicholas Gagnier

I remember thinking there was

nothing to live for, steering into

that abhorrent skid.


I remember the good old days, but kid, rose-coloured

glasses betray them, every single time.


I remember you asking how the world had gotten

me so down,

why I couldn’t smile without the

unintended frown,


so I asked these friends of

mine to help me



I remember the home time bell,

the butterfly sick,

the rush to pack enough clothes.


I remember how time slowed,

Daddy’s weekend, the whiskey

and swings.


I remember you asking how time had gotten

me so winded,

why I couldn’t lie with an ounce of


and why

expression and tone never

seemed to align.


I remember smiling for you,

holding your hand so we wouldn’t drown,

trying to save you with feet inches off the ground.


But you became more than mine,

so I hoped every Friday

you wouldn’t forget this,


a king and his princess,

heir to all the perfect descriptions

poetry was too obtuse to speak of,




To find Nicholas and buy the book you will find this poem in:

Free Verse Revolution

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To buy (UK): FVR: The Collection

To buy: FVR: The Collection

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