Care in Winter

She trudged through snow,

head bent to the blizzard,

arms pulled in tightly

bracing herself

to loop each one

beneath your shoulders

palms cupping elbows

to keep you upright

when you believed

even the slightest indoor breeze

would knock you from your feet.

Her bitten fingertips

thawed in the winter heat

as she flicked each switch;

kettle and TV.

She was only as cold

as the wind outside

her cheeks rosy

and her nose runny

the ice melted

in her eyes, in her smile

the kettle steamed

and the TV coloured

the beige walls

with rainbow projections.

The static and your sorrow

enveloped by her chatter,

melodic laugh

signature eyeroll

and sigh.

Without her, the coldest time

of the year would have

remained just so.

She trudged through snow

to warmly remind you,

you are not alone.


Inspired by my Mum who is a carer. (Yes, I did write this a long time ago)

Β© Kristiana Reed 2018


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