Hell Hath No Fury

Smile like a crescent moon

until the fullness of your lips

he never kissed

sends him into a tailspin.


Walk with the confidence

you thought you’d lost

when he turned you down

but in fact you grew instead.


Laugh like a hyena,

like a kitten, like you

while he reels off pick up lines

until his face turns blue.


Order a drink

whilst he waits for his,

twirl the cherry stem with your tongue

remember how you’ve won.


Finish his sentences

by checking the watch

you never wear,

by making a move for the door.


Say hello and goodbye

all with one breath,

inhale his lust and exhale

the best he never had.


When the boy who spurned you

wants you back, wave

but remind him it’s rude

to stare.


© Kristiana Reed 2018

Image: pinterest

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