Magic Mirror

Magic mirror on the wall,

who is the loneliest of them all?

My queen, the sparkle in your eye has slipped to rest in cupid’s bow. Eros buries glittering sorrow, his string slack and bow bent. Your loneliness a shroud of glistening woe.


Magic mirror on the wall,

in this kingdom of heartache

who is the most hopeful?

My queen, your dangling feet above the swell and tight knuckles reddening beneath the step of Grief, prove your orphaned hope is real. I hear your distant screams as you drop into the sea, but a memory.


Magic mirror on the wall,

who knew it would be impossible

to let him go?

My queen, your heart beats on your sleeve. You carried it with you whilst he left his at home. You knew, all along, you would be left all alone.


© Kristiana Reed 2018

13 thoughts on “Magic Mirror

  1. taurusingemini says:

    And the truth of all of that is, you do NOT need that magic mirror to tell you what to do, you knew what you’re supposed to do all along, it’s just easier sometimes, to throw things out there, and see what comes back around to you…


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