Sand Heart

The princess was fast asleep;

the silence kept watch,

the stars kissed her goodnight

and the moon cuddled close

looming gently in the window,

cold breath caressing her cheeks,

pink in slumber

pale fingers closed over blankets,

a soft stream of fabric

tousled down her calves

bundled around her feet,

soft like her heart,

impressionable, sand

which refuses to let go

of the indecisive ocean.


Sometimes her father would return

to stand at her bedside

in starlight and shadow,

the moon bowing her head,

the stars blowing kisses

to fall upon his cheeks

flecked with grey,

a memento of the years

spent gazing into the night

for answers, and home

because each one he built

was never his own.


He watched his daughter instead;

found meaning in how her chest rose

with each flutter of breath,

found purpose in the one curl

which refused to lie

with the others cupping her chin,

found hope in her lashes

a delicate frame for the fierce love

glistening in her eyes.

He found a reason to live

when even clouds away,

drifting in dreams

he could never touch,

the corners of her mouth

twitched and whispered joy,

she smiled the smallest smile,

she smiled for him,

to save him;

her heart like sand

refusing to let go

of her ocean.


© Kristiana Reed 2018


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10 thoughts on “Sand Heart

    • Kristiana says:

      I’ve always thought parent/child relationships are reciprocal. When people say having a child saved their life, I believe them. There is something pure, untouched and unconditional about a child’s love, that it is healing.

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