Home and Away

The horizon was every shade

of blue

and the field greens

were blinding.

The sky was grey

but I was warm

in dusty sunshine yellow.

My stomach swooped

and soared

like the blackbird

disappearing to my left.

My head was foggy

like the treetops

between Winter

and Spring.

My heart was somewhere,

out there.

By the sea.

Where gulls glide,

where waves crash

upon rock

and kiss

the silent shore,

where ice-cream is orange.

It’s in good company,

beating rhythmically

in my chest

but watching the world

from his pocket

or his palm.

During the day,

he holds it aloft

to see better,

how trees sway

and ripples change.

At night,

it’s nestled beside him,

beneath the pillow,

warming through

and snuggling hope.

Or, it’s tucked in

the crook of his arm,

sleeping soundly.

He is away,

gone South,

but my heart is at home

and I too can hear

the sea,

if I cup both ears

and listen



© Kristiana Reed 2018

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