In bed – Kristiana Reed

Blood Into Ink


It is midnight

and by morning

I fear I will be dead,

subjected to slasher

horror in my head,

paralysed with imagined fear

in my bed.

Every limb

in rigor before

murderous sleep

has even slipped

through my doorway

leaning over

darting pupils

locked in naked stone.

I am not alone.

In my head,

a roundtable of dread

sharpening blades

of insanity,

pledging to pillage

all of me.

I found old CBT diagrams I drew to cope with anxiety attacks.

I decided to turn them into poetry instead of painful memories. 


Kristiana Reed juggles writing and teaching English; in both vocations she endeavours to remind people of their self worth and how dazzlingly beautiful the world can be.

You can read more of Kristiana’s writing at My Screaming Twenties

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