The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

My Screaming Twenties has been nominated for this award by the wonderful Christine over at Brave and Reckless. Christine is a fierce writer who harnesses her strength and vulnerability to create pieces of raw beauty which inspire me, all of the time.

The rule is – write seven interesting facts about yourself then pass the award on to fifteen of your favourite bloggers. I would love to nominate more than fifteen and I am also conscious of others already nominating some of my favourites, so I shall try my best to share the work of writers I believe are fantastic and thoroughly deserve some love and recognition!

  1. In my left eye part of my iris seeps into my pupil – it’s considered a cataract I was born with but it has no adverse effect on my vision.
  2. I eat Battenberg cake marzipan exterior first and then each square individually.
  3. I need food, water and to-do lists to sustain me.
  4. I’m not fussy about what I write in or what with even though I will probably be married in a Paperchase.
  5. Sunshine in the morning and at 9pm is my definition of bliss.
  6. My alcoholic drink of choice is a classic G&T.
  7. I’ve just realised fact number one is perhaps the only interesting fact in this list. I’m sorry. (I apologise far too much.)

I’d like to nominate:

Brandewulf – Brandewijn Words

Paul F. Lenzi – Poesy plus Polemics

Nicholas Gagnier – Free Verse Revolution and Zodiac Road

Vidur Sahdev – VerseInEmotion

Little Fears

Jem Croucher – Jemverse

Juansen Dizon – Lonely Blue Boy

Rahul Gaur – Smoke words every day. 

Eric – My Sword and Shield…

Lois E. Linkins 

S. K. Nicholas 


Daffni Gingerich – Daffniblog


Amanda C. Hawk – Poetic Trials



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