Anxiety AM

Incredible poem by Nicholas Gagnier.


Good morning, sir! If I might
have a word,
some advice?

Smile more.
Live healthy.

If you have something
to whisper, it’s probably worth
bellowing once or twice.

makes a difference,
doesn’t it?

It’s pronounced anxiety, not
angst I-T, and it’s not
viably addressed.

Good morning, ma’am, is that
coffee on your
flowered dress?

You may want to
invest in bleach, before it seeps
into your reputation. Trust me,
I know.

fellow citizens!

Be happy,
positive, because waiting
for daybreak is
too obvious,
and we’re a happy
bunch of goddamned cynics.

Complacency expected, poison
at my table that passes
for family breakfast, despite
sitting by myself.

Good morning America,
whatcha so scared of?

And now a
word from
our sponsors, telling us
all to

go to Hell.

Good morning, kind sir, my mind is not okay. I don’t want to see the sun today, your comforts not…

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